Soeur Marie Thérèse Fougeray, MSC

In Memoriam

Sister Marie Thérèse Fougeray, MSC was born August 8, 1928 at Bazouges-du-Désert. She was the oldest of four children. Her father died at the age of 29 of pneumonia. Her mother remained single and brought up her children also accepting two orphaned children into her home. In time, Marie Thérèse moved in with her grandmother from whom she learned of her faith in God. In Pontmain, where her grandmother lived, there were stories of difficulties for many people. She acquired a strong resistance in spite of numerous deprivations. Marie Thérèse frequently said, « My religious vocation is because of the many prayers my grandmother said after the death of her son a year before his priestly ordination. »

In February 1945, at 17 years of age, Marie Thérèse became a postulant of the Marianite Congregation. She received the habit and her religious name, Sr. Marie Philippe, in October 1945. She professed her first vows in 1946 and worked in the convents in Beaumont and Tourneville.

In 1950, she went to LeMans and worked in the laundry room of the Avenue Bollée Clinic and then in the Préventorium of Précigné. In 1960, she was a student at the same time she taught in Laval, Mary Immaculate School. She was a responsible leader in the school and in the sisters’ local community. At the close of each school year, an exposition of the beautiful sewing items of the students was held.  Many wedding dresses, baptismal gowns and ceremonial costumes were on display.

In 1979, Marie Thérèse lived at the Solitude in LeMans and worked in the finance office of Notre Dame de Gazonfier. In August 2002, she joined the community of sisters in the Les Tilleuls house and became the treasurer of the retired sisters. In all of her responsibilities, she was conscious of living simply and economizing.  She also volunteered to assist the local St. Vincent de Paul organization one afternoon every week.

Due to the aging process, Marie Thérèse began to decline and experienced memory issues. She was warmly accepted by the sisters and employees of the Solitude community. She was always very grateful for the care that she received. She shared a lovely smile each time that anyone greeted her. She was a faithful sister and loving person. Marie Thérèse was a deeply prayerful woman and prayed that God would teach her to use the time she was given to minister to others well.

Marie Thérèse died in the hospital of LeMans on August 23, 2021. A funeral liturgy was celebrated in the Solitude Chapel on August 27, 2021, followed by a Christian burial in the Holy Cross Cemetery in LeMans. Rest in Peace, Marie Thérèse !