Family of Holy Cross

There are four independent congregations: the Priests and Brothers of Holy Cross, the Sisters of the Holy Cross, the Marianites of Holy Cross, and the Sisters of Holy Cross. Leaders of the four congregations:

  • Sr. Ann Lacour, MSC, Congregational Leader, Marianites of Holy Cross
  • Fr. Robert Epping, CSC, Superior General, Priests and Brothers of Holy Cross
  • Sr. M. Veronique (Wiedower), President, Sisters of the Holy Cross
  • Sr. Raymonde Maisonneuve, CSC, Superior General, Sisters of Holy Cross

Marianites of Holy Cross

Srs. Renée, Stephanie, & Ann

Congregation of Sisters of the Holy Cross

Congregational Offices in Notre Dame, Indiana

  • Sister M. Veronique (Wiedower), CSC, President
  • Sister Pushpa Teresa Gomes, CSC, First Councilor
  • Sister Catherine Osimo, CSC, General Secretary
  • Sister Esther Adjoa Entsiwah, CSC, Councilor
  • Sister Kathleen Moroney, CSC, General Treasurer
  • Sister Mary Tiernan, CSC, Councilor
  • Sister Suzanne Brennan, CSC, Councilor

Sisters of Holy Cross

Congregational Offices in Montreal, Canada

  • Sister Raymonde Maisonneuve, CSC, Congregational Animator
  • Sister Monique Paquette, CSC, Assistant General
  • Sister Doris Gagnon, CSC, Congregational Secretary
  • Sister Yanick Sylfradin, CSC, Councilor
  • Sister Therese Lefrancois, CSC, General Treasurer

Congregation of Holy Cross (Priests and Brothers)

Congregational Offices in Rome, Italy

  • Rev. Robert Epping, C. S. C., Superior General
  • Br. Paul Bednarczyk, C. S. C., Vicar, and First Assistant
  • Fr. K.J. Abraham, C.S.C., Second General Assistant
  • Br. James Ripon Gomes, C.S.C., Third Assistant
  • Fr. Leopold Temba, C.S.C., Fourth Assistant
  • Br. Nicholas Arthur, C.S.C., Fifth Assistant
  • Fr. Jerome Joseph Jose, C.S.C., Sixth Assistant