United with Mary standing at the foot of the cross, we Marianites of Holy Cross, are apostolic religious, women of prayer and compassion. Our mission, energized by our life in community, is to incarnate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. Called to be a prophetic presence in an ever-changing world, we resolutely stand with those who are excluded.

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John 20:19-29
Wishing YOU P E A C E from the Marianites as the Liturgical Cycle in Ordinary Time from now through November 29th, the First Sunday of Advent.
Pictured are about 1/3 of the Marianites. Wondering Who’s Who? (top to bottom and left to right) Sisters Sue Pablovich, Stephania D’Souza, Barbara Schreier, Rochelle Perrier, Elvira Brown, Owen Quintana, Marie Noël, Rosemary Wessel, Suellen Tennyson , Mary Kay Kinberger, Gretchen Dysart, Kay Viellion, Vincent Dornbush, Renée Daigle, Pascaline Tougma, Kateri Battaglia, Gayle Williams, Margie Hebert, Margaret Cronley, Kathleen Stakelum, Ann Lalour, Cynthia Knowles, Joyce Hanks, Judy Gomila, Elaine Thompson, Florence Cotreau, Charlotte LeBoeuf, Beth Mouch, Stephanie Brignac, Naoma Duhe, Kathleen McCarney, Magdalen Broussard, Jules Landry and (re-run) Barbara again.