CANCELLED LUNCHEON ~ AHA All Class Reunion 2020

Alternatives ~ during COVID 19

The week of October 2nd ANGEL PROJECT we collected diapers for infants thru adults along with wipes and monetary donations.

The annual AHA Luncheon was cancelled in light of COVID, the Alum Committee orchestrated a “together apart” project in collaboration with Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of New Orleans.

“COLLECTION” REPORT: 2,630 child diapers, 812 adult diapers, 33 packs of wipes and adult wash cloths were dropped off at the sites in New Orleans and Covington. In addition, more than $3,000 was collected and doubled by the Marianites bringing the donation to $6,320. Furthermore, a few late gifts may still be arriving.
THANK YOU ONE AND ALL for your enthusiasm and generosity. Together we have accomplished a work of mercy from the bottoms, up!

November 1st Weekend: MASS Celebrated for the intentions of Holy Angels’ grads and available on YouTube.  Ritual Memorial for deceased classmates included.

Optional: VIRTUAL Tour of the Marianite Congregational Center, Covington, LA. Enjoy!

Holy Angels Memorabilia

Remembering Holy Angels Video featuring:

The Video was recently created and is our final memorabilia offering. It is divided into three parts:

Sisters (Marianites who were teachers, principals or who attended Holy Angels as students)

Memories (interviews with graduates, faculty members and sisters with some old pictures)

Photo Montage (photographs of the inside and outside of the Holy Angels Complex)

The Angel Window in the Chapel poster.
Cost: $5

Holy Angels Chapel poster.
Cost: $5

Basile Moreau, Founder of the Congregations of Holy Cross Book
Cost: $5 Sugg. Donation

MSC Alumnae:

+ St. Vincent’s, Tarrytown, NY
+ St. Louis Academy, Staten Island, NY
+ St. Charles Academy, Lake Charles, LA
+ Holy Name of Mary, New Orleans, LA
+ St. John’s, Plaquemines, LA
+ Academy of Immaculate Conception, Opelousa, LA
+ Academy of the Holy Angels, New Orleans, LA
+ Any other Marianite school (elementary/high school)

Graduates Seeking Records:

Those seeking an official transcript from an MSC school in New Orleans may contact the Archdiocese of New Orleans, Office of Catholic Schools, at 504-861-9521.

Graduates of St. Louis Academy in Staten Island, New York who are seeking aged records may contact our MSC archivist in Opelousas, LA~ Sr. Elvira Brown, Office Phone: 337.942.2196 ext. 219;  FAX: 337.942.8270; Email : . 

Contact Us:

If you’d like to be on our mailing list please send us your school name and graduation year. Feel free to send updates or photos so that classmates can keep in touch!

The Marianites and the AHA Alumnae Committee are always seeking ways to keep the files current. If you know a graduate who has moved, married, or passed away please let us know by emailing us at

The Marianites pray for all former students. If there is a prayer intention that is special to you, we welcome you to Request Prayers of the Sisters.