New Orleans CityBusiness 2020 Driving Forces

New Orleans CityBusiness 2020 Driving Forces

August 27 2020 | Faith Sharing

Sr. Marjorie Hebert, MSC was selected as one of  New Orleans CityBusiness 2020 Driving Forces for her work in the community with Catholic Charities (CCANO). CONGRATULATIONS!

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Lord Jesus, source of all that is good, you inspired Blessed Basil Moreau
to found the religious family of Holy Cross to continue your mission
among the People of God. May he be for us a model of the apostolic life,
an example of fidelity and an inspiration as we strive to follow you.
May we imitate Basil Moreau’s holiness and confidently seek his intercession
before you, Lord Jesus, in our times of need. Amen.

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